I keep being contacted by various banks and organisations with offers of support if I provide my financial information, are these potentially fraudulent?

Various organisations, such as Action Fraud, the ICAEW and the police have issued warnings regarding an increase in fraud as a result of the pandemic. This can take various forms including fraudulent invoices, advanced fee fraud for services and phishing.

To give you some idea of the scale of the danger, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is understood to have already removed more than 2,000 online coronavirus scams over the last month, including 471 fake online shops selling fraudulent coronavirus-related items, 555 malware distribution sites set up to inflict significant damage to visitors and 832 advance-fee frauds.

In light of this, you and your employees must take additional care at this time and seek additional verification on all transactions. If you remain unsure of whether a communication or request is fraudulent, seek professional advice.